Anders Niska


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  • Enderby Entertainment

    Death of an Author, the first of three films in the INTRIGO series featuring Ben Kingsley, Tuva Novotny & Benno Furmann. Directed by Daniel Alfredson.

  • BrainAcademy

    Season 2 of the successful series Swedish Dicks featuring Keanu Reeves, Peter Stormare and Johan Glans.

  • Universal Production Music

    A new retro, vintage, jazz, orchestra, cool new album of 13 tracks featuring the magical vocalist Niklas Gabrielsson. Listen!

  • Warner, Cmore & TV4

    Anders & Klas have written the music together with Jon Ekstrand for the fantastic tv-series "Farang". Directed by Erik Leijonborg.

  • School of Arts, Stockholm

    New trailer with new music by Anders. Watch!

  • FRP

    Folke Ryden's new documentary will premiere fall 2017. Scored by Anders & Klas.

  • Koka Media

    An album called Human Drama with music by Anders & Klas released in France.

  • 2016

    • FLX

      Original music for the series 'Fallet' directed by Simen Alsvik.

    • BrainAcademy

      Original music for the new Viaplay series 'Swedish Dicks'.

    • Dramaten

      Falla ur tiden, based on the book by David Grossman. All music by Anders.

    • Universal

      Lots of new gritty music on a new release called Phobia 2.

    • Swedish Radio

      An unknown radio play, Rebecka, written by Ingmar Bergman, directed by Suzanne Osten. Music performed by piano player Karin Haglund.

    • Dalhalla

      Arrangements for the swedish artist 'Carola' performed by the Swedish Concert Orchestra. Conducted by Jonas Nydesjö.

    • GSO

      Arrangements for the swedish artist 'Anna von Hausswolff' and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

    • Universal

      Release of the successful series 'Nordic Noir'. Version 3 featuring a string quartet.

    • AMK

      Arrangements for the Swedish Royal Army Band.

    • 2015

      • Fundament Film

        Anders has written the score for "Flickan, Mamman & Demonerna". Performed by Jönköpings Sinfonietta. The film is directed by Suzanne Osten. Premiere 15th of April.

      • Baluba

        Vignette and lots of music for the upcoming tv-series - "Vårdgården". Look out!

      • ELK

        The new game-show on TV4 - "En Ska Bort" - has music exclusively from Anders & Klas. Check it out!

      • TV3

        Brottsplats Sverige - vignette and underscore by Anders & Klas.

      • Universal PPM

        New release featuring full symphony orchestra - Listen to "Touched by the Dark!"

      • Pernilla Andersson

        New arrangement on upcoming cd release!

      • Enderby Entertainment

        Anders & Klas are scoring their first Hollywood movie featuring Anthony Hopkins and Alexander Ludwig. Directed by the amazing Daniel Alfredsson.

      • The Survivors

        Music for the fantastic international documentary about the tsunami 10 years after. Directed by Folke Rydén.

      • TV4

        New version of our vignette in this season of 'Robinson' (Survivor) - Love Edition!

      • MISS U

        Anders wrote and arranged the music for this performance together with Johan Liljedahl. Directed by Tove Sahlin.

      • Battlefield

        Anders is arranging and orchestrating the wonderful music from 'Battlefield'. Music written by Mikael Karlsson & Tobias Wagner and the music is from 'Bad Company' 1 & 2.

      • Gävle Symphony Orchestra

        Arrangements for Moneybrother and GSO.

      • Universal

        Lots of new gritty music recorded with a string quartet and produced for Match.

      • 2014

        • Unga Klara

          Anders wrote the music for Suzanne Osten's 'Lammungarnas Fest' at Unga Klara. A theatre play written by surrealist artist Leonora Carrington.

        • Tre Vänner

          The score for 'Den Perfekta Stöten' is finally ready. Premiere January 2015. Co-written with Klas Wahl.

        • Gävle Symphony Orchestra

          Arrangements for Andreas Johnson and Anna Järvinen. Conducted by Peter Nordahl.

        • Loa Falkman

          Arrangements for Loa Falkman & Jönköpings Sinfonietta. Conducted by Jonas Nydesjö.

        • Outtrigger

          Anders has been working with the incredible band Outtrigger whom participated with the song 'Echo' at Melodifestivalen. August 30th they will perform together with Helsingborgs Symphony Orchestra playing Anders arrangements of their mighty songs. Conducted by Teqwyn Evans.

        • Göteborgs Stadsteater

          The rehearsals starts this week for the theatre 'I Annas Garderob' written by Ann-Sofie Bárány and directed by Suzanne Osten. Anders is writing the music together with Ane Brun among others. Songs will be performed by Maria Johansson Josephson.

        • NRK

          Vignette and underscore for 'Bönder i Byn' by Anders & Klas music.

        • TV3

          Vignette and underscores for a new documentary called 'Mordet'.

        • Swedish Radio Symphony Orhestra

          Arrangements for Ebbot and SRSO conducted by Hans Ek.

        • NRK

          A lots of music written and produced for NRK's 'ANNO 1764'. Watch!

        • Jönköpings Sinfonietta

          Arrangements for a musical show.

        • 2013

          • Tre Vänner

            Anders & Klas are writing their 3rd score for a feature movie. This time 'Den Perfekta Stöten' which is the new Jönssonligan!

          • SVT

            Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra will play some of Anders' arrangements at SVT's Trettondagskonserter 10-11 January 2014.

          • West End i Spira

            Another 'Trettondagskonsert' with Jönköpings Sinfonietta, Niklas Riesbeck, Nina Pressing and Fredrik Zetterström.

          • Universal

            Unippm wanted a 'Nordic Noir 2' and soon it will be ready. Co-written with Klas Wahl.

          • Pernilla Andersson Dregen

            Some of Pernilla's songs arranged by Anders for a concert with Gävle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek.

          • Herreys

            Anders is arranging for Herreys and GWO.

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            New arrangements for Carola and SRSO. Anders Berglund is conducting.

          • Tyskungen

            Anders wrote the score for the new feature film - 'The Hidden Child' together with Klas & Magnus Jarlbo.

          • SVT

            The TV documentary 'Talaren' premieres on October 3rd SVT2. Music composed by Anders & Klas. Directed by Lotta Hellman. Check out the "making of" Here!

          • Rolandz

            Four million plays on Spotify for the hit 'Jajamen' that Anders wrote together with Niclas Arn. Two new hits was written by Anders & Niclas this summer. Look out for 'Du Kommer med Sol' and 'De e Kanon'.

          • Gävle Symphony Orchestra

            Anders is arranging for Helen Sjöholm & Magnus Carlson. Hans Ek is conducting the show.

          • Eyeworks

            Anders is currently writing the score for the tv documentary «Save the Oceans» together with Klas Wahl. It will be a great series about our oceans with a lot of our music.

          • Små Citroner Gula - Premiere!

            On February 20 it is finally on a theatre near you! Look out! 2nd place on !

          • GLEE!

            Anders is working for Glee again. This time producing an orchestral track! Listen Here!

          • Universal Music Production

            A brand new release (January 2013) on Match featuring the music of Anders and Klas Wahl. Check it out here! The making of Nordic Noir

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            On January 24, Sarah Dawn Finer and Amanda Sedgwick are performing at the Quincy Jones Tribute at Berwaldhallen. Anders wrote some arrangements including the famous Quincy Jones song Midnight Sun will never set.

          • Arrangements

            Göteborg Wind Orchestra, Nassim Al Fakir, SUSO among others.

          • Standart

            A new commercial with music by Anders & Klas. Directed by Formförbundet/Johan Larsson.


          • A Swingin' Christmas

            Anders made a Christmas production with the talented swedish artist Andreas Weise and the fantastic Swedish Army Band Big Band at 'Musikaliska' on dec 16th. Anders conducted, arranged and composed all music.

          • Arrangements

            A busy autumn with arrangements to Gothenburg Wind Ensemble, The Jönköping Sinfonietta, Dalasinfoniettan among others.

          • Norrbotten Big Band

            Norrbotten Big Band is performing with Jojje Wadenius and Tommy Körberg. Anders had the oppurtuninty to write some arrangements.

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            «Svensktoppen 50 år» at Berwaldhallen. Anders wrote arrangements for Jessica Andersson, Svante Thuresson and Sonja Aldén.

          • 3V

            Anders is currently writing the score for «Små Citroner Gula» which is based on Kajsa Ingemarsson's novel.

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            Anders arranged Breaking up with God for Ola Salo with Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra at Berwaldhallen.

          • Triangulo

            Anders is again working with director Pablo Fernandez. This time with his shortfilm - Triangulo.


          • RedFilm

            Anders wrote the music for the musical «Agency of the Year 2011» which premiered at Cirkus in February 2011. RedFilm produced and wrote the libretto.

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            Svante Thuresson, Viktoria Tolstoy and Jenny Silver performed arrangements of Anders.

          • Ligist Film

            Music to Kolmården Zoo commercial - SAFARI. Composed by Anders and Klas Wahl and arranged by Anders for the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra. See commercial

          • Universal Publishing Production - Bruton

            Newly composed music for Universal Production Music, London recorded with the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra.

          • Universal Publishing Production - Match

            Anders composed eight new tracks to be performed and recorded with ‘Dalasinfoniettan’.

          • Rolandz

            Strings and wind arrangements to Rolandz album «Hallelujah Mama!» Anders & Niclas Arn also wrote three tracks to that album.

          • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

            Arrangements for LaGaylia Frazier and Roger Pontare.

          • GWO

            Arrangements for Gothenburg Wind Orchestra and Åsa Fång.

          • It's Showtime

            Music to SEK's commercials. Directed by Pablo Fernandez. In 2012, Anders will write music for his short film - Triangulo.

          • GWO

            Arrangements for Erik Gullbransson and Gothenburg Wind Orchestra.

          • Swedish Army Band

            Arrangements for Life Guards Dragoon Trumpet Corps.

          • Ligist Film

            «Legal» – Four short films co-written with Klas Wahl.